Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snippets: Visual Text

By Kathy Miller
 I was honored to be invited to be in a group exhibition called: Snippets: Visual Text, at The Gallery at R&F in Kingston, New York, along with five other visual artists, two of whom worked collaboratively. The artists included Kristy Deetz (Wisconsin), Anne Gorrick (New York) & Scott Helmes (Minnesota), Kathy Miller (California), Graceann Warn (Michigan), and Daniella Woolf (California). The show ran from February 4th through March 24th, 2012.

'Snippets’ is a group exhibition that looks at a variety of ways that artists use text, or allow their work to reference and be informed by words or books as the building blocks for an object or image. The featured artists approach text in a variety of ways; as pure matter, as metaphor, as specific content, as texture or atmosphere, and as concept. By bringing these different but related works together, ‘Snippets’ presents a visual conversation between the participating artists on these same issues, connecting through ideas of language.

Additional photos can be found at Snippets: Visual Text